Larus cachinnans in the Netherlands

(last update: August 16, 2020)

Albert de Jong
Merijn Loeve
Roland-Jan Buijs
Leon Kelder
Mars Muusse


Caspian Gull cachinnans F|Y 1CY, May 21 2020, Lelystad, the Netherlands. Picture: Merijn Loeve.

Black tibia bar ring n[F|Y], ringed as pullus Larus cachinnans on May 21 2020 at nest 001 in colony Lelystad, the Netherlands.
ID uncertain, presumed breeders are Caspian Gull cachinnans adult x Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 4CY.
Nest in dense cluster of several nests; from the water it proved to be difficult to pin down the parents for this particular nest.

date: egg no: width (mm): length (mm): volume (cm3):  water test on April 27th: laying date:  
15-4-2020 A 51,9 72,7 96,33 90 - 1mm floating    
15-4-2020 B 49,7 73,2 100,31 90 - tip bottom  
27-4-2020 C 48,2 76,5 89,49 90 - tip bottom  
sum nest: 286,12
21-5-2020 pullus Empty nest, 1 chick within 1 meter of nest, ringed n[F|Y].