Gulls in central Russia

(last update: January 2015)

Grzegorz Neubauer (Poland)
Sasha Esergepov (Russia)


Gull ssp PVDB adult, May 18 2010, Obalykol Lake (ozero Obalykol), Orenburg Oblast, Russia (50°56'19.0"N 60°43'31.0"E). Picture: Grzegorz Neubauer.

Adult trapped in the colony. Long pararellel bill gives it a cachinnans look.

P10 mirror separted from white tip by full subterminal band. Medium pale tongue on P10.
P9 mirror on innerweb only.
P5 with full subterminal band.
P4 black spot on outerweb.
Moult: P1-P10 old.
Speckled iris (5-10% category), red orbital ring, yellow bill, black on both mandibles, red bleeding up onto upper mandible, red gape. Yellowish legs.