Gulls in central Russia

(last update: January 2015)

Grzegorz Neubauer (Poland)
Sasha Esergepov (Russia)


Larus cachinnans? 1CY PVVS December 21-22 2010, Krems, Austria. Picture Richard Katzinger.

Yellow PVVS was ringed as chick on June 10 2010 at Cheboksarskye Vdhr (Reservoir), Chuvash Republic, Russia (56.12'N, 46.54'E). The bird was ringed as a chick on an island in river Wolga between Nishni Nowgorod and Kasan and moved west nearly 2300km! Ringed by Grzegorz Neubauer and Sasha Esergepov. Only one recovery, in Krems. Yellow PVVS was the first recovery of Greg Neubauer's 2010 Russia expedition!

Richard Katzinger and Sergej Ucakar visited the gull hotspots around Krems/river Donau on December 21 2010 and discovered this ringed Russian bird. They had three rings of large gulls: yellow PUCT (again from Ukraine/Cherkassy), green XVAP which looks hybrid from Germany (mixed inland colony) and yellow PVVS. The picture shows a bird not really matching the classic view on cachinnans. It has replaced almost all scapulars (excluding the lower row of LLS) and has all coverts and tertials still juvenile.