glaucoides - kumlieni

(last update: January 26, 2012)

Dave Brown (Canada)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Chris Gibbins (Scotland)
Peter Adriaens (Belgium)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

Iceland Gull (glaucoides) 4cy, March 01 2010, Njardvik, SW Iceland. Picture: Hans Larsson.

Age 4cy: showing adult-like inner primaries, yellow bill with reduced dark spot, several immature patterns on coverts, pale yellow iris.

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White primaries, with darker outer-webs on P5-P9 and sub-terminal patches most obvious on P8, still these darker areas on the primaries are not noticable darker than the brownish hue on primary coverts.

Note: Hans Larsson presents many images on this site, all birds photographed late February - early March in Iceland. Identification on sub-species level is tentative in these birds, as both Canadian kumlieni and nominate glaucoides (bulk of the birds of course) may be expected late winter. On location, most birds will belong to pale glaucoides, (and most are readily identified as such, showing very pale to white plumage), but in the spectrum, the exact line between dark glaucoides and pale kumlieni is still subject of debate and birds in this overlapping zone may probably best left unidentified at time present.
See als Hans Larsson's website.