Gulls in NW Europe

(last update: September 25, 2011 )

Herring Gull adult F.ADC (argenteus) May 07 & June 24 2011, Texel, Kelderhuispolder, Gull colony, the Netherlands. Pictures: Maarten van Kleinwee.

Ringed as breeding adult female (4+cy) on the nest, on June 10 2006, Kelderhuispolder, Texel, The Netherlands. Paired to M.AAP.

below: F.ADC (argenteus) June 24 2011, Texel, Kelderhuispolder.

Primary moult started: P5-P10 old, PMS=11 (P1=5, P2=4, P3=1, P4=1, P5=0, P6=0, P7=0, P8=0, P9=0, P10=0).

below: adult F.ADC (argenteus) May 07 2011, Texel, Kelderhuispolder.

Lat image: female (left), next to her partner Green M.AAP (right). The male suffered from an aching left leg, and was often seen sitting on the ground.