LBBG 8cy E129, April 29 2002, Dintelhaven, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands.

An adult male ringed left green E129, ringed as pullus at the nest, June 26 1995. This bird is now in 8cy. Most of these codes originate from the Dintelhaven project in 1995, but quite some E*** rings have been reused in later years. 


LBBG 9cy E129, May 27 2003, Dintelhaven, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E).

The red spot doesn't continue on the upper mandible, but there is a small black line on the upper mandible. The orbital ring is red and the iris is yellow. P1 -10 are still old. The mirror is large. Probably a male (M0), judged by its size.