LBBG adult (19cy) female Holland 5.181.236, May 12 2002, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E). 

An old Dutch aluminum ring: Ringstation Arnhem 5.181.236. Ringed June 27 1984, B.P. terminals, Rozenburg as pullus, a distance of 5 km from the current location. In some characteristics, this is an odd bird:
- the primary tips are rather small and are almost completely worn away,
- the p10 mirror is large, reaching both edges of the feather and there is an obvious mirror on p9 (remember though this is a female),
- the moult in the greater coverts follows a 'jumpy sequence'; as can be seen, rather neat grey feathers can be found between older, brownish worn feathers,
- this bird has a slender parallel bill, lacking an obvious gonydeal angle.