5 images: LBBG Arnhem 5.257.580 female, 2002-2004, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E). 

LBBG 5.257.580 14cy, May 12 2002, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

An old Dutch aluminum ring (Ringstation Arnhem), hardly readable. Ringed July 09 1989, ECT-Maasvlakte as pullus. Note the very large size of the P10 mirror, especially for a female. Head moult has started and feathers have been dropped around the eye. Compare this adult with a bird ringed the same day, 13 years ago!

(clouded sky)  May 12 2002

(full sunshine)  May 12 2002

(below) LBBG 5.257.580 15cy, June 02 2003, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

This female again returned to the exact same spot it occupied last year. It has a red orbital ring and a clear yellow iris without speckling. It has some faint black on the bill and the red gonydeal spot extends on the upper mandible.
It is most probably a female, judged in direct comparison with its partner (code V1). P10 has a large mirror and the complete moult hasn't started yet: P1 is still present by June 02 2003.

  June 02 2003

below: LBBG 5.257.580 16cy, April 13 & 29 2004, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

Read as 5.257.589. A female.

April 13 2004

April 29 2004