LBBG adultMadrid 6003175, May 13 2002, Missouriweg, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E).

An new Spanish aluminum ring: Minist. Agricultura Icona Madrid .6003175. This bird was caught (probably on a landfill) and ringed in Parque national Marismas del Odiel, Huelva, south Spain (37.15N,06.56W). The bird was ringed on September 08 1999 but the age has not been reported (age unknown, older than 1cy).

Adult 6003175 was very territorial on May 13 2002, probably defending a nesting place along the Amazonehaven - Missouriweg. This large colony is part of a future industrial complex and this year, summer 2002, first construction works were executed on May 22. The soil had to be prepared, destroying over 500 nests, probably over 1,000 eggs of Lesser Black-backed Gulls. In the nect weeks many adults left this colony, including many ringed individuals which can be found in the Adult April and  Adult May sections. For a whole month, 6003175 wasn't seen, but finally, July 4 2002, it was seen again, close to the place where it was seen last in May. It proved to be paired again but a nest wasn't found.

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The primary tips are slightly worn. P9 has a round mirror just reaching the feather's edge, p10 has a large mirror, reaching the inner and outer-web over the entire length. The sub-terminal band on p10 is broken in the centre. The lower tertials look relatively fresh while in the upper tertials the white tips are almost completely worn away. A few greater coverts start to develop a brown hue, but the 5th and the few central greater coverts look fresher and are plain grey. The mix of brown hued older feathers and relatively new plain grey feathers can be found in the scapulars as well.