LBBG EY84 5cy, May 12 2001, Dintelhaven Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

Ringed EY84 left green. Ringed at the nest at Maasvlakte June 24 1997, now in it's 5cy ( 4th summer). EY84 resembles an adult in all respects; no clues indicated this LBBG was only in its 4th summer.

LBBGEY84 6cy, May 13 2002, Dintelhaven, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E).

Probably a male. As with EY17, those birds return to the almost exact spot of ringing. Again, the mirror on p10 is situated relatively far from the feather tip. The primary tips look very fresh.