(4 images) LBBG 6cyAFAF , May (Belgium) & August (the Netherlands) 2003.

Ringed as 2cy at Zeebrugge (51.21N 03.11E) on July 07 1999 . An individual with small white tips on the outer primaries, a large white mirror on P10, no black markings on the bill and no moult of the head-feathers. The orbital ring is red and the iris is clear white-yellow. The red gonydeal spot doesn't continue on the upper mandible. P1 is still old. Obviously taller in direct comparison with its partner, so probably a male (code M1).

below: 2 images: AFAF , May 29 2003, Voorhaven, Zeebrugge, Belgium (51.21N, 03.11E). 

(2 images) LBBG 5cyAFAF , August 15 2003, Westkapelle, the Netherlands (51.32N, 03.26E).

AFAF, breeding at the Zeebrugge colony, still in the near surrounding by August. Many adult LBBG stay in the area during the complete moult, in the rich feeding grounds of the southern part of the North Sea, approximately the triangle Zeebrugge - IJmuiden - SE England. AFAF shows the ordinary moult score for local birds: P4 is fully grown and P7-P10 are still old.