(2 images) LBBG 7cyAHAW , May 03 2003, Voorhaven, Zeebrugge, Belgium (51.21N, 03.11E). 

Ringed as 3cy at Zeebrugge (51.21N 03.11E) on July 07 1999. Probably a male in direct comparison with its partner (code M1), lacking black markings on the mandibles. The iris is clear yellow, without speckling. The orbital ring is red and the red gonydeal spot continues on the upper mandible. P1 is still old on May 29 2003. 

AHAW was ringed at Zeebrugge, now 7cy and paired with green E840, born in the colony Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N, 04.02E). E840 was ringed as pullus on July 05 1995, now in 9cy. This couple nicely demonstrates the migration of LBBG from the Netherlands to the growing colony of Zeebrugge.