Lesser Black-backed Gull (graellsii & intermedius)

(last update: May 17 2015)


LBBG rings

lbbg 1cy May
lbbg 1cy June
lbbg 1cy July
lbbg 1cy August
lbbg 1cy September
lbbg 1cy October
lbbg 1cy November
lbbg 1cy December

lbbg 2cy January
lbbg 2cy February
lbbg 2cy Mar-April
lbbg 2cy May
lbbg 2cy June
lbbg 2cy July
lbbg 2cy August
lbbg 2cy September
lbbg 2cy October
lbbg 2cy Nov - Dec

lbbg 3cy Jan-April
lbbg 3cy May
lbbg 3cy June
lbbg 3cy July
lbbg 3cy August
lbbg 3cy September
lbbg 3cy October
lbbg 3cy Nov - Dec

lbbg sub-ad Jan-April
lbbg sub-ad May
lbbg sub-ad June
lbbg sub-ad July
lbbg sub-ad Aug
lbbg sub-ad Sept
lbbg sub-ad Oct
lbbg sub-ad Nov
lbbg sub-ad Dec

lbbg adult January
lbbg adult February
lbbg adult March
lbbg adult April
lbbg adult May
lbbg adult June
lbbg adult July
lbbg adult August
lbbg adult September
lbbg adult October
lbbg adult Nov - Dec

(3 images) LBBG 1cy E799E & E800E July 11 - August 06 2004, Dintelhaven, the Netherlands. E800E 6cy, May 2009 Moerdijk.

E799 has the left wing completely juvenile, with gc 2 displaced.

E800 has some wing-coverts displaced in the right wing, but all scapulars and coverts still juvenile. One rear lus seems to be missing, but in the scores for 1cy LBBG research, it's only visible new feathers that are scored (to avoid counting damaged feathers, broken at the basal half. The remainder is not visible in such cases.

(below) LBBG 1cy E800E, July 11 2004, Dintelhaven, the Netherlands.

(below) E800EAugust 06 2004, Dintelhaven, the Netherlands.

A bird ringed left red E800, right yellow E. Bird in complete juvenile plumage, although one lower lesser covert missing and two scapulars missing.

(below) 6cy E800E May 08 2009, Moerdijk, the Netherlands.

Now adult.