Lesser Black-backed Gull ALH , April 19 2003, e-on - Maasvlakte, the Netherlands.

This LBBG was ringed in the U.K., red ALH. The slender bill, rounded head, friendly facial expression and relatively small size suggest this is a female. There is no black on the bill, the red gonydeal spot extends on the upper mandible. Primary moult score (PMS): 0, i.e. all primaries still present by April 19 2003. 
Ringed as pullus on 13.07.1996 Orfordness, Suffolk, England (52.05N 01.34E). 
13.06.97 Hempsted, Glocester, England (51.51N 02.16W); 
19.03.02 until 20.06.02 Maasvlakte; 
15.11.02 Hempsted, Gloucester; 
09.03.03 Maasvlakte.