LBBG EL10, Nachtegalenkeet - Maasvlakte, the Netherlands, April 2003 & 2004.

2003: An adult bird ringed left orange EL10, ringed as pullus at the nest, July 03 1997, now in 7cy. Note the small mirror on P10 and the very small primary tips on the outer primaries, for most worn away. EL10 is paired to a much smaller bird, and therefore probably the male (M1). This bird follows an irregular moult sequence, as can be seen in the greater, median and lesser coverts and in the tertials. This bird has no red extending on the upper mandible. Primary moult score (PMS): 0 by April 19 2003, i.e. all primaries still present.

2004: Present at the exact same location as previous year, breeding attempt confirmed along the fence. In both years, note the small tips.

April 19 2003

Compare this bird with his "cousin" EL22 (click hyperlink), which has a much neater plumage, with no moult gaps in the wing-coverts and very plain grey greater coverts.

April 19 2003

April 26 2004.