9cy LBBG male JP3, April 16 2001, Missouriweg Maasvlakte, the Netherlands.

JP3 was found dead on April 16 2001 and died probably early April of the same year. The strong head and bill suggest a male; maybe autopsy will bring certainty.
The wing pattern left and right is not exactly the same: left p9 shows a small but distinct white mirror, right p9 lacks this mirror.
On both wings, a sub-terminal band is visible on p5-p10 on both wings and p4 shows black markings which do not fully connect outer and inner-web at the shaft.
From beneath, the typical LBBG pattern of the primaries is visible: P10 is almost all black, all the way from the base, p9-p5 show indistinct dark grey 'tongues', but never as obvious and sharply demarcated as in e.g. cachinnans. Between the black sub-terminal band and the grey patch of the primaries, no white crescent is visible, though on the under-wing, a hint of what may be such a crescent is visible at p5 & p6.
As can be seen in the left wing, this LBBG was moulting the outermost greater coverts, which are a few inches shorter than the more inward feathers. In the right wing, this moult appears as a gap between greater coverts and the primary covert row.

JP3 was ringed July 4th 1993, near ECT container terminal and died just a couple of hundreds meters from that place and was in 9cy.