Lesser Black-backed Gull graellsii BTO FP-53605 , April 05 2003, Nachtegalenkeet, Maasvlakte, the Netherlands (51.59N,04.02E). 

An adult ringed in Britain, now breeding in SW Holland. Bird ringed three and a half month ago on a landfill in winter: 28 December 2002 as >3cy; ringed at England's westcoast Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GB (51° 51' 0, -2° 16' 1967).

It's not uncommon to find breeding LBBG wearing foreign rings in the colony. So far the following birds were found:
- Blue colour ringed from S Norway (intermedius).
- Metal ringed from Britain (graellsii).
- Metal ringed from Belgium (graellsii).

The head is rounded and it shows a friendly facial expression, indicating it's a female. Nevertheless, the mirror on p10 is well-developed. The scapulars are very fresh and some still show the paler grey fringe. Oldest feathers can be found in the inner median and greater coverts, which are worn on the fringe and show a hint of brown hue, compared to the fresh grey scapulars and coverts. For differences on grey tone and brown hue in various LBBG populations, see Barth's research from the 60's.