2cy LBBG L-xx709, July 11 2002, Etaples, France (50.42N,1.34E). 

A 2cy LBBG, ringed in Belgium: Bruxelles L-??709. The moult in the tail-feathers is nearly completed with one tail-feather growing (R1), R2-4 new, R5 missing and R6 still juvenile. Primaries P7-P10 are still juvenile and P5 equals P4 in length and has to grow just an inch or so. 
In the tertials: #1-2 are fresh, #3 is growing, #4-6 are post-juvenile feathers, slightly abraded already. 
In the greater coverts: #1 is post-juvenile, #2-3 are much newer, though showing little wear in the tips, #4 is post-juvenile, #5 is growing, #6-8 are fresh and #9 (the last visible feather) is missing. 
Medians #1-2 are post-juvenile, #3 is missing, #4 is fresh, #5 is post-juvenile, #6 is fresh, #7 is probably post-juvenile, #8 is fresh, #9 is post-juvenile, #10 is fresh.
The lower lesser covert bar consist of 3 post-juvenile feathers, 3 missing feathers and 5 fresh feathers. The post-juvenile feathers were moulted half a year ago and look very abraded, hardly different from juvenile feathers.
In the lesser coverts 8 feathers were replaced in the post-juvenile moult, about 50% is fresh and about 25% is missing.
The scapulars consist mainly of third generation feathers, but 25% is still second generation and very abraded. The fresh third generation feathers are dark grey. The older third generation feathers turn brown already.