(2 images) LBBG 5cy graellsii L- 85168 , October 30 2003, Westkapelle, the Netherlands.

Ringed as pullus at Zeebrugge, Belgium (51.20N 03.11E) on July 09 1999: L-85168 Bruxelles. Primary moult score (PMS) about 46, with P8 fully grown and P9 at the length of P6. All old rectrices dropped and most tail-feathers already renewed, but a few still growing. Moult stage in the secondaries similar, with all old secondaries dropped, but the inner feathers still growing. The bill is white-yellow, with some black on the upper and lower mandible, but the red gonydeal spot confined to the lower mandible. The white-yellow iris shows no speckling. The orbital ring is dark red. The legs are pale yellow. There is no mirror on P9.