glaucescens Glaucous-winged Gull & Western Gull occidentalis

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Alvaro Jaramillo
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Western Gull occidentalis ... 2406-10987 12th cycle (13CY), January 23 2011, Playa-Del-Rey, Los Angeles Co., CA. Picture: Alex Viduetsky.

All of the banded WEGUs with plain color bands, found in California in the past have been from the Southeast Farallon Islands. For every year, they start using a new colour for that cohort. This is a bird from year 'GREEN' which corresponds to the 1999 cohort. Hatch Year: HY1999. There is also an individual code on the metal band: #2406-10987. Banded as a chick on June 15 1999 on the Farallon Islands.