American Herring Gull (smithsonianus)

(last update: October 30, 2015)

Amar Ayyash (US)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Dave Brown (Canada)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

American Herring Gull (smithsonianus) 90A & U49 5th cycle (6CY), February 21 2019, Eel Pond Rye, NH. Picture: Dan Prima.

See Dan's Flickr site for many more images!
See website: The Gulls Of Appledore.

Herring Gull 90A is the same age as U49, banded as a chick in July 2014 on Appledore Island. No reports for a year after fledging but mostly at Hampton Beach since then. Note that 90A nested last year on Appledore. The nest was in the same area as 90A's hatch nest.