Yellow-legged Gull- Geelpootmeeuw (L. michahellis): 2CY June

(last update: 08 december 2003)


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photo 1734: Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2CY, June 24 2002, IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

Primary moult stage: P7 has been shed and P8 is still juvenile. This individual has many new second generation coverts and tertials (at least the upper 5 tertails). The lower upper scapulars were moulted to new third generation grey scapulars, which are visible in the mantle as well. In the greater coverts, the row has not been closed completely with greater coverts #5-7 still growing. The upper row of lesser coverts still contains a few juvenile wing-coverts, the last feathers to be moulted to second generation. Note the white tips on the new tail-feathers. The soft parts look remarkable immature; the iris and bill are black, the legs are pale flesh pink, as can be seen in most 2CY michahellis.