Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis

(last update: October 08 2013)

Delfín González
Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Amir Ben Dov
Mars Muusse

Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2CY, May 04 2001, Etaples, NW France (50.42N,1.34E).

2CY michahellis, probably a female, with a few third generation grey scapulars, while the other scapulars are anchor patterned second generation. An example of a michahellis that has all the coverts still juvenile, and in this respect resembles the vast majority of argenteus Herring gulls in Northwest Europe.
Note again the bill-colour, with a pale base, and again much streaking on the side of the neck and head.
Note the orbital ring: orange in May 2CY birds!

The size of this individual suggests a female, though there is much geographical variation in michahellis. Smallest michahellis can be found in Atlantic Iberia, the largest in the west Mediterranean (which holds populations with birds much larger than argenteus Herring Gulls, rather the size of Scandinavian argentatus) and intermediates from east Mediterranean.