Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis

(last update: October 08 2013)

Delfín González
Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Amir Ben Dov
Mars Muusse

Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2CY, September 22 2002, Etaples / Boulogne-sur-Mer, NW France. 

2CY michahellis which started the partial moult in the wing-coverts. Tertials #2 is new. Greater coverts #2 is grey new and #4-5 are new as well. Except a few feathers, the complete median covert row is being replaced, with the inner three feathers still old. Lower lesser coverts #1 is replaced and #3 is missing. The lesser coverts were replaced recently in the complete moult and are excluded from the partial moult in this individual, at least up to September. Scapular moult falls in the 75-100% category of all grey feathers. In the lower scapulars some feathers are old and barred and four are missing.