Yellow-legged Gull- Geelpootmeeuw (L. michahellis): 1cy August

(last update: 18 oktober 2004)


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(3 images) Yellow-legged Gull 15Y 1cy August 12 2004, Westkapelle, the Netherlands (51.33N, 03.25E).

This 1cy michahellis has been ringed in Germany: 15Y. It's a bird from Martin Boschert's project ( In 2004, he ringed 54 Yellow-legged Gulls. The bird was ringed as a pullus at June 07 2004 at the colony near Strasbourg, near Freistett (D) and Gambsheim (F) (48.40 N / 07.56 E). The sighting at Westkapelle is the first recovery of this bird. The bird was seen with Pim Wolf, bottom two images (pictures can also be viewed at: under Geelpootmeeuw).

(picture Pim Wolf)

(picture Pim Wolf)