Yellow-legged Gull- Geelpootmeeuw (L. michahellis): 2cy August

(last update: 08 december 2003)


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photo 6: Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2cy Sempach 884278, August 25 2000, Le Portel / Boulogne-sur-Mer, NW France.

This bird has moulted many mantle and scapulars, creating a grey saddle on the back. Note the pattern on greater and median coverts, being very densely barred, variegated or spaghetti pattern. The tail has been moulted to second generation (in a second generation tail there may be more black than there is in a first generation tail). In the bottom picture, the wings are stretched, showing the paler webs of the inner primaries up to P8, the second generation primaries which show an obvious "window" contrasting with the dark outer wing and second generation secondaries. The new secondaries are moulted inwards, in a descendant order. Iris and bill are dark.
This bird is ringed (Sempach - Helvetica 884278) and was ringed in Switzerland May 12 1999, in the only Swiss michahellis colony. The sighting at Le Portel is the only one of this individual so far.