Yellow-legged Gull- Geelpootmeeuw (L. michahellis): 2cy October

(last update: 08 december 2003)


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photo 6630 (2 images): Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2cy, October 01 2001, Le Portel, France.

The central and outer greater coverts are still old second generation feathers and they show a rather washed-out pattern of speckling and variegated barring, especially on the visible outermost feathers. The recently moulted median coverts are greyish, yet still showing a dark shaft streak and arrow-head patterns near the tips. In the median coverts, some fresh greyish feathers are growing in, but there are almost no moult gaps visible. The scapulars are a mix of old patterned feathers (brown bars on a pale buffish or white base) and fresh scapulars which are all grey or show an ill-defined brown shaft streak and sub-terminal band.
Primary P10 is fully grown and the tail is completely replaced for second generation rectrices.

Note the fine head streaking on the recently moulted head feathers and faint brown pattern on the flank feathers. Just beneath the greater coverts, the secondary tips are visible: black-brown centres with washed-out brownish tips.