Yellow-legged Gull - Geelpootmeeuw (L. michahellis): sub-adult November

(last update: 16 april 2004)


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Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 762A 4cy, November 27 2003, Port-la-Nouvelle, S France (43°00'N - 3°04'E). Photo Ruud Altenburg.

In all respects an example of an adult michahellis: the orbital ring is red, the iris is yellow with clouded hue, the bill and legs are yellow and the red gonydeal spot continues on the upper mandible. But note the small black spot along the cutting edge, which still is not uncommon in adult birds in winter, but when present, it may indicate near-adultness. The mirror on P10 is separated from the white tip by a complete sub-terminal band. By November, the primary moult is completed.

Michahellis 762A was ringed as pullus on May 21 2000, at île de la Corrège, étang de Salses Leucate, department Aude (42°51'N - 03°01'E). There is also a tibia ring: EA596527.