Steppe Gull - barabensis

(last update: 8-9-2014 )

Mars Muusse (Netherlands)


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Steppe Gull barabensis adult, July 19 2010, Irgiz-Turgay (county Aqtobe), Kazakhstan. Picture: Ross Ahmed.

Road from Irgiz to Turgay (county Aqtobe): region 470 km WSW of lake Tengiz, central Kazakhstan. Birds breeding here belong to a transition population between cachinnans (nominate cachinnans at the Caspian Sea are about 750 km to the SW) and barabensis ('standard' barabensis from the Omsk area are about 1200 km to the NE).

Below: bird flying around at wetlands surrounded by dry steppe. P1-P4 replaced, P5 growing, P6 missing, P7-P10 are still old. Outer gc missing, exposing secondaries underneath.