Mew Gull Larus canus canus; heinei; kamtschatschensis; brachyrhynchus

(last update: March 12, 2012)

Kjeld Tommy Pedersen (Denmark)
Chris Gibbins (Scotland)
Frank Majoor (Netherlands)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

Mew Gull heinei EZ77 adult, January & December 2010, Zoetermeer & Leiden, The Netherlands. Picture: Maarten van Kleinwee.

Ringed on January 08 2010, at Zoetermeer: darvic white EZ77 and metal Arnhem 3.690.757. Adult Mew Gull in full winter (basic) plumage after being measured and ringed and identified as a Russian Mew Gull. Note the fuller head and slightly heavier bill. The color of the grey mantle and wing feathers is also slightly darker, an aspect best viewed when compared next to a regular Mew Gull.

below: EZ77 adult, January 08 2010, Noordhovenseplas - Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

below: December 26 2010, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Adult Mew Gull in full winter (basic) plumage. Has apparently returned to the area. Based on measurements taken as well as interpretation of the mantle color, this individual has been identified as a Russian Mew Gull.