White-eyed Gull (L. leucophthalmus) & Sooty Gull (L. hemprichii)

(last update: 24-1-2014)

Avi Meir (Israel)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

White-eyed Gull L. leucophthalmus 2CY, August 05 2011, Eilat, Israel. Picture: Avi Meir.

Complete moult halfway with inner primaries replaced and first secondary dropped. P1-P4 replaced, P5 still growing an inch and tip of P6 just visible. White tip of S1 also visible. P8-P10 old juvenile. Central tail-feathers replaced, two outer rectrices still juvenile. Inner secondaries still juveniel and showing a worn white tip. Note also moult in wing-coverts.