White-eyed Gull (L. leucophthalmus) & Sooty Gull (L. hemprichii)

(last update: 24-1-2014)

Avi Meir (Israel)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

White-eyed Gull L. leucophthalmus 2CY, June 25 2011, Eilat, Israel. Picture: Uri Kolker.

Note the juvenile tail and all black bill. First summer bird. P1-P2 growing, P3-P4 missing, P5-P10 still juvenile. P5 slightly paler grey.
Secondaries still old, juvenile feathers with broad white tip, still rather neat.
Legs are already turning yellowish, when compared to dull grey legs of juveniles. This is probably a hormonal related process in spring; although White-eyed Gull may not be a breeding species of the classic summer months.