delawarensis Ring-billed Gull

(last update: 10-03-2014 )

Keith Mueller
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Ring-billed Gull delawarensis P6Z adult, February 26 2012, Long Wharf, CT. Picture: Keith Mueller.

Visit Keith's Blog "New England birds".

Banded and blue leg tagged Ring-billed Gull at Long Wharf among two-hundred-fifty (mostly Ring-billed) Gulls there. This Gull was from the University of Quebec at Montreal banding program. This adult Ring-billed Gull with the blue leg marker band #P6Z and metal band #0954-19502 was banded in July 2011, at Île Deslauriers, Varennes in Quebec. This sighting was the first reported sighting since the bird was banded.

The Gull was one of the Ring-billed Gulls from Professor Jean-Francois Giroux's Gull Study from the University of Quebec Montreal.