Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis

(last update: October 08 2013)

Delfín González
Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Amir Ben Dov
Mars Muusse

Yellow-legged Gull michahellis 2CY, October 01 2001, Le Portel, France.

The average moult stage for 2CY October michahellis: Primary P10 is fully grown and all the secondaries and rectrices are second generation and complete. Hence, the complete moult has ended. After this complete moult, a partial moult has included some of the tertials and wing-coverts.
One tertial is missing, the other are still old second generation feathers with a large brown centre, small white transversal bars and white tips. The inner two greater coverts are missing, while all other greater coverts have an obvious barred pattern. The inner median covert has just been replaced and the central feathers are still growing. They show a black-brown pattern on a greyish base. Moult in the lesser coverts is more or less suspended, but in the lower scapulars four to five moult gaps are visible.