Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis

(last update: October 08 2013)

Delfín González
Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Amir Ben Dov
Mars Muusse

Yellow-legged Gull lusitanius 3CY AK3H February 04 2009, Playa de San Ciprian, Lugo, N Spain. Picture: Delfín González.

Black ring with code (Axxx), project run by Isolino Pérez Tuya, Grupu d´Ornitoloxía Mavea, apdo. 385, 33480 Avilés, Spain. (e-mail: isoper ADD This project started summer 2002 they have been ringing mainly pulli in some colonies of Asturias, north of Spain.

Probably AK3H was ringed as pullus on the island La Franca, close to Gijón, in 2007.

Still no completely grey saddle and coverts very barred.