Second calendar-year Baltic Gull Larus fuscus fuscus
can be identified without ring

Introduction: This site accompanies and extends the article 'Field identification criteria for second calendar-year Baltic Gull' (Dutch Birding 33: 304-311, 2011; download as PDF). In the paper, we outline which unringed 2cy Baltic Gulls L f fuscus should be considered for acceptance and which should not. Here we present a series of photographs that could not be fitted into the main article.

Authors: Ruud Altenburg, Ies Meulmeester, Mars Muusse, Theo Muusse and Pim Wolf.

Acknowlegdements: We would like to thank Ronald van Dijk, Markku Kangasniemi, Visa Rauste, Roy Slaterus and especially Hannu Koskinen for the use of their pictures. Peter Adriaens kindly reviewed the site before release and André van Loon provided a downloadable PDF.

2cy Baltic Gull L f fuscus Acceptable 2cy Baltic Gull L f fuscus.

Birds that comply with the characters defined in the article: eight or more renewed primaries and a plumage typical for fuscus.

2cy Baltic Gull L f fuscus Non-acceptable 2cy Baltic Gull L f fuscus.

The more interesting cases: birds that do not comply with the characters above. Not only fuscus but also examples of heuglini and ringed fuscus-like intermedius.