lusitanius Yellow-legged Gull

(last update: 10-12-2013 )

Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Rui Caratão
Mars Muusse

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lusitanius 1cy June
lusitanius 1cy July
lusitanius 1cy Aug
lusitanius 1cy Sept
lusitanius 1cy Oct
lusitanius 1cy Nov
lusitanius 1cy Dec

lusitanius 2cy Jan
lusitanius 2cy Feb
lusitanius 2cy March
lusitanius 2cy April
lusitanius 2cy May
lusitanius 2cy June
lusitanius 2cy July
lusitanius 2cy Aug
lusitanius 2cy Sept
lusitanius 2cy Oct
lusitanius 2cy Nov
lusitanius 2cy Dec

lusitanius 3cy Jan
lusitanius 3cy Feb
lusitanius 3cy March
lusitanius 3cy April
lusitanius 3cy May
lusitanius 3cy June
lusitanius 3cy July
lusitanius 3cy Aug
lusitanius 3cy Sept
lusitanius 3cy Oct
lusitanius 3cy Nov
lusitanius 3cy Dec

lusitanius 4cy Jan
lusitanius 4cy Feb
lusitanius 4cy March
lusitanius 4cy April
lusitanius 4cy May
lusitanius 4cy June
lusitanius 4cy July
lusitanius 4cy Aug
lusitanius 4cy Sept
lusitanius 4cy Oct
lusitanius 4cy Nov
lusitanius 4cy Dec

lusitanius adult Jan
lusitanius adult Feb
lusitanius adult March
lusitanius adult April
lusitanius adult May
lusitanius adult June
lusitanius adult July
lusitanius adult Aug
lusitanius adult Sept
lusitanius adult Oct
lusitanius adult Nov
lusitanius adult Dec

adult: September

Sedentary species representing Yellow-legged Gull at Iberian Atlantic coast between Berlangas and Basque Country. In adult plumage upperparts have greytone Kodak 6.5-8.0, slightly darker than michahellis Yellow-legged Gull. Structure: close to michahellis Yellow-legged Gull but slightly more elegant built; some birds similar to argenteus Herring Gull. Square head and looking long-necked, strong bill with obvious gonys angle. Long primary projection gives it some elegance.

Yellow-legged Gull lusitanius ZNA3 September 2007, Galicia, Spain. Picture: Antonio Gutierrez. Bird seen on many occasions between 2004-2009.
Yellow-legged Gull lusitanius, September 06 2009, San Ciprián, Lugo, Spain. Picture: Gabriel Martin.