American Herring Gull (smithsonianus)

(last update: October 30, 2015)

Amar Ayyash (US)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Dave Brown (Canada)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

American Herring Gull (smithsonianus) 1cy (1st cycle) K82 November 19 2011, Hampton Beach, NH. Picture: Jon Worthen.

See website: The Gulls Of Appledore

Jon found a pair of newly fledged gulls, L56 and K82, in early September and mid November, respectively. They were 2 of the 397 total gull chicks we banded this summer. Needless to say, my fingers hurt when we were done! While I don’t remember K82 specifically, it was one the first chicks I banded so I’m glad to see he made it off the island! K82 is the offspring of K60, who was banded in May 2011 as an adult and nested by Laighton Hall.