American Herring Gull (smithsonianus)

(last update: October 30, 2015)

Amar Ayyash (US)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Dave Brown (Canada)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

Colour Bands & Metal Federal Bands on American Herring Gulls smithsonianus.
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page with info on running band-projects. To report a banded bird: Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Banding Laboratory.

0846-04270 1st cycle 0846-10957 30th cycle 0846-5382x adult 0886-75788 4th cycle 0966-44575 18th cycle 1056-91109 1st cycle
1106-03974 6th cycle 1106-08886 9th cycle 1106-13208 7th cycle 1106-13326 7th cycle 1106-13485 7th cycle 1106-13848 1st cycle
1106-13873 2nd cycle 1106-13983 2nd cycle 1106-15613 5th cycle 1106-17598 4th cycle 1106-19489 6th cycle 1106-21207 1st cycle
1106-26919 1st cycle 1106-26938 2nd cycle 1106-27102 2nd cycle 1106-27230 2nd cycle 1106-27454 4th cycle 1106-27465 1st cycle
1106-27490 2nd cycle 1116-38317 6th cycle 1146-13585 2nd cycle 1146-61591 4th cycle 1176-41708 1st cycle 1206-17561 2nd cycle
1206-17590 adult xxxx-91621 adult 1146-xxxxx 3rd cycle      
29 adult 2A adult 2F adult 2J adult 2T adult 2V /tag X37 1st cycle
4J adult E3 adult GJ adult GN adult GV adult K5 adult
KC adult LT adult LW adult M2 adult M9 adult MC adult
MP adult N4 adult NE adult PW adult R4 adult S7 adult
VC adult VQ 2nd cycle Y8 2nd cycle YK 1st cycle Z4 /tag X29 adult ZE /tag X03 adult
ZM /tag X14 adult lost /tag X35 adult        
A00 1st cycle ABN 1st cycle ACE adult ACX 1st cycle ALB 1st cycle ALS 2nd cycle
AV0 1st cycle BBN 2nd cycle        
H0 adult AG03 adult AG45 2nd cycle      
BBH 1st cycle          
AAC adult AAF adult AAJ adult AAR adult AAV adult AFH adult
AFP adult AFR sub-adult AFX adult      
42A 1st cycle 68A 1st cycle 70A 3rd cycle 97A 2nd cycle    
11C 2nd cycle 16C 1st-2nd cycle 35C 2nd cycle 55C 2nd cycle 56C 2nd cycle 59C 3rd cycle
69C 1st cycle 74C 2nd cycle 82C 2nd cycle 84C 2nd cycle    
06F 1st cycle 33F 1st cycle 34F 1st, 2nd cycle 65F 1st cycle    
26H 1st cycle 44H 1st-2nd cycle 62H 1st-3rd cycle      
25J 1st cycle          
A07 adult A56 4th cycle        
C01 adult C17 adult C45 adult now M54 C47 10, 12th cycle C71 adult C87 adult
C95 adult E81 adult E87 adult      
F01 adult F02 1st & 2nd cycle F07 1st, 3rd, 4th cycle      
H86 10th cycle H98 sub-adult H99 adult      
J01 1st cycle J08 2nd cycle        
K10 2nd, 3rd cycle K18 3rd cycle K30 2nd & 6th cycle K50 4th cycle K68 adult K82 1st cycle
L04 1st cycle L23 2nd cycle L52 2nd cycle L94 5th cycle    
M04 1st cycle M37 adult M39 adult M43 adult M54 adult was C45 M71 adult
M77 adult M82 adult M92 3rd cycle M99 2nd cycle    
N22 sub-adult N83 1st & 2nd cycle        
P02 2nd cycle P64 1st cycle P95 3rd cycle      
R03 3rd cycle R09 1st cycle R23 2nd cycle R37 4th cycle R47 1st & 4th cycle R71 5th cycle
R77 4th cycle R79 1st cycle R92 3rd, 4th cycle      
T04 2nd cycle T05 2nd cycle T20 2nd cycle T47 adult T76 4cy, 5cy  
U03 adult U32 2nd cycle U73 3rd cycle U86 1st cycle    
V08 4th cycle V09 4th cycle V18 4th cycle V34 2nd & 4th cycle V57 1st cycle V59 1st cycle
V66 1st cycle V72 5th-6th cycle        
X25 1st cycle X36 3rd cycle X40 2nd cycle X44 4th cycle X47 1st cycle X50 1st cycle
X65 1st cycle X75 1st cycle X82 2nd cycle X87 3rd cycle    
Y20 2nd cycle Y30 1st, 2nd cycle Y49 1st cycle Y54 1st cycle Y81 1st cycle  
Z09 3rd cycle Z23 1st cycle Z65 1st cycle Z68 3rd & 5th cycle    
85 / 36 2nd cycle 131 / 23 1st cycle 196 / 11 adult K11 / 43 adult K61 / 17 2nd cycle  
A60 3rd cycle A87 1st cycle        
R4 adult C6J 3rd cycle J3J 1st cycle      
Q Q Q Fed band Q Q adult Q Q Q Q Fed band Q sub-adult    

Picture: 07 January 2013.