American Herring Gull (smithsonianus)

(last update: October 30, 2015)

Amar Ayyash (US)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Dave Brown (Canada)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

American Herring Gull (smithsonianus) 3rd cycle (4CY) P95 April 06 2013, Salisbury state beach, Massachusetts. Picture: Steve Arena.

Please visit Steve's Flick photos for more pictures.

See website: The Gulls Of Appledore. Probably P95 was banded as a chick in July 2010, at Appledore Island.

In spring more saturated coloured bill, orbital ring and pale iris at this age. Scapulars are a mix of few brown and most grey feathers. At the end of the complete moult (pre-basic moult in summer) this bird had a partial autumn moult which included the upper tertials, inner GC, central MC and a few LLC. These fresh feathers are grayish, more adult-like.