American Herring Gull (smithsonianus)

(last update: October 12, 2015)

Amar Ayyash (US)
Bruce Mactavish (Canada)
Dave Brown (Canada)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

American Herring Gull (smithsonianus) sub-adult, October 12 2015, Weaver beach - Madison, CT. Picture: Keith Mueller.

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3rd cycle (3CY) or, more likely, 4th cycle (4CY) bird by the lack of any marbling pattern on central greater coverts or lower tertials.
In rest: adult-like primaries with bold white tips. Upperparts all-grey as in adult. Immature features: large black patches in tail-feathers and relatively large black gonys spot. The open wing may show black centres on the secondaries and centres of the greater primary coverts as well, commonly found in this age class.