Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)

(last update: July 12, 2015)

Jean-Michel Sauvage (France)
Morten Helberg (Norway)
Nils Helge Lorentzen (Norway)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) 2cy: March 18 2003, Boulogne- sur-Mer, France (50.42 N - 01.34 E).

A very powerful and enormous male, still with most feathers fresh juvenile. Probably from far northern Scandinavia. This is a very delayed bird, regarding the moult in the scapulars. There are only very limited numbers of new scapulars in the upper scapular region. The moulted scapulars show the typical ginger hue. The lower scapulars are still juvenile. This is an example of 2cy GBBG with all tertials and wing-coverts still juvenile, very fresh in appearance and shows glancing silvery white bases, contrasting with the deep brown barred patterns. By March, primary moult has still not started in 2cy birds.
In the images below: the group of 100's of Herring Gulls and Great Black-backed Gulls were attracted by spreading out residues from the fish industry, especially salmon. Notwithstanding the size of these salmons, this individual tried to swallow fish measuring half a meter! In the image below, the head of the salmon has gone already, however this bird decided it to be better to tear it into pieces first.