Heuglin's Gull (L. heuglini / antelius)

(last update: 6-3-2011)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Chris Gibbins (Scotland)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)


2cy heuglini: November

General description of 2cy heuglini in fresh second winter

2cy heuglini in November-December normally show a variable number of slate grey feathers in the scapulars, and this should normally be an easy first clue to separate it from almost blackish nominate fuscus.

In Israel, 2cy birds reach the last stage of the primary moult with only the last outer primaries still growing. It would be interesting to compare this moult stage to 2cy heuglini on eastern wintering grounds, like the coast of India, but also the Arabian Peninsular. If you live there, or if you have images of this plumage from a holiday, we very much like to see them and place them in this page.

3313Koppie.jpg (10848 bytes)Heuglini 2cy, November 06 2009, Ashdod, Israel. Picture: Amir Ben Dov. 
3313Koppie.jpg (10848 bytes)Heuglini 2cy, November 16 2010, Ashdod, Israel. Picture: Amir Ben Dov.