Heuglin's Gull (L. heuglini / antelius)

(last update: 6-3-2011)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Chris Gibbins (Scotland)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)


4cy heuglini: January

General clues for ageing heuglini in third winter plumage

Sub-adult heuglini in third winter normally show a plumage very much similar to adult birds. A variable number of immature features may still be possible, but best clue to age this group probably is the presence of broad dark centres of the greater primary coverts. Small, sharply defined centres on slate grey feathers probably is possible in full adults as well, but when the centres are broad brownish-black and the tips of these greater primary coverts are pale whitish, this may be good indication for 3cy birds. Furthermore, black may still be apparent in the rectrices, some brown wash may be vsible on some wing-coverts and the bill-band may be obviously broad in third winter birds.

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