Larus cachinnans

(last update: February 16, 2013)

Greg Neubauer
Marcin Przymencki
Albert de Jong
Mars Muusse


cachinnans plumages

Larus cachinnans 30P4 2CY, April 22 2015, Katwijk, the Netherlands. Picture: Merijn Loeve.

Red ring from Poland used in 2014. 300 pulli were ringed this year, all pulli in May 2014 at the Kozielno colony, Paczkow, Poland, ringed by Jacek Betleja.
Ringing data pending, probably ringed as pullus on May 15 2014 at ZB.KOZIELNO,PACZKÓW, POLAND (50°28'35.8''N 16°58'54.2''E).

Complete moult not started yet: P1-P10 old juvenile.