Larus cachinnans

(last update: February 16, 2013)

Peter Adriaens (Belgium)
Ies Meulmeester (Netherlands)


cachinnans plumages

Larus cachinnans 1CY PLG DN-24320 August 09 2007, Deponie Pohlsche Heide - Minden, Germany (52°23'05N, 08°46'45E). Picture: Armin Deutsch.

Ringed as pullus on June 10 2007 at Palczowski Reservoir Kozielno, Poland (50°29'N, 16°58'E).

Classic bird in juvenile plumage: flat head, long slim bill, already washed out streaks on head, simple pattern on juvenile scapulars, moult in scapulars started (few missing), tertails with diffuse tip and thin fringe, simple pattern on (inner) GC, pale underwing, Venetian blind on inner primaries, apical spots on outerwebs of inner primaries, long thin legs, evenly broad tail band with much proximal barring.