Larus cachinnans

(last update: February 16, 2013)

Greg Neubauer
Marcin Przymencki
Albert de Jong
Mars Muusse


cachinnans plumages

Larus argentatus? 8CY XPAU May 30 2012, Shabany, Belarus (53.49 N 027.41 E). Picture: Dmirty Goncharov.

Green XPAU and metal DEH EA0054730. Bird ringed as pullus on June 12 2005, at SEDLITZ, Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Brandenburg, Germany (51°32'58.0"N, 14° 5'44.0"E). This is 100 km SE of Berlin and the region holds a mixed colony in the lake (Larus argentatus, cachinnans, michahellis).

From what can be told from this image, everything seems to point to Herring Gull argentatus female. However, F1 hybrid argentatus x cachinnans may appear close to Herring Gull and parents of this bird unknown. Paired with a male cachinnans at a flat roof-top near Minsk.