Larus cachinnans in the Netherlands

(last update: August 16, 2020)

Albert de Jong
Merijn Loeve
Roland-Jan Buijs
Thijs Horst
Leon Kelder
Mars Muusse


Cachinnans - nest Lelystad 042

General remarks:

  • Eggs: Volume measured by Stonehouse (1964) and Spaans & Spaans (1975), which make comparison possible with data from Texel (Camphuysen pers comm 16.04.2020).
  • Nest 042 discovered late in season (May 28th, 2021). Positioned at breakwater dam 2, between nest 15 and nest 48 (was nest 15B). On top of bunch of branches, which appears to be an old Spoonbill nest.
  • ID uncertain: both partners unknown.
location May 28th, 2021: nest in background. May 13th, 2021. .
pullus May 28th, 2021: b[S|2]. . .

Visits and data.

    metal tibia ring mass    
28-05-2021 pull .5559401 b-S|2 72    
08-06-2021 Nest on bunch of branches abandoned. Maybe parents and chick moved to the northside of the dam?
26-6-2021 Just Spoonbills present.