delawarensis Ring-billed Gull

(last update: 10-03-2014 )

Keith Mueller
Amar Ayyash
Mars Muusse

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2cy March
2cy April
2cy May
2cy June
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Silver bands, Federal bands, metal rings, plastic bands & wing-tags.

If you read a band and like to receive the life history of a gull? Please mail: Be sure to include the band number and reading details (like date, location, etc).

More info: USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Banding Laboratory -

0XM adult 2KM 3CY 3LA 3CY 3LC 2CY 61U adult
65C adult 6CL adult 70A adult 70H adult 71J adult
75M adult 83C adult 89A adult 9XM 1CY A36 adult
A46 adult AC6 adult C5P 6CY CH6 adult CJ6 adult
CKT adult F2K 1st cycle F8Z adult FHJ adult FMK adult
JC5 4th cycle JU5 adult JX3 adult JZ2 6CY K0P adult
K0X adult KKT adult KPL adult KUF adult L02 1st cycle
L10 adult L1C adult L42 adult L6T adult L84 3CY
LKF adult LM5 adult LTL adult LU2 adult M19 adult
M36 2CY P6Z adult PF2 adult PUU adult THT 6CY
TZZ 5CY U5A 4CY U8U adult X05 2CY X1A adult
X2M adult X9U adult XHP adult XP5 adult XPK adult
XX3 3CY ZK1 1CY      
AAH adult AXZ adult CCK adult HXP adult  
226 1st cycle 232 1st cycle 256 adult    
TC08 adult TC11 adult TC22 adult TC23 adult  
182 adult        
39 5th cycle 50 1st cycle 59 1st cycle 91 adult 183 adult
221 adult 224 adult 268 1st cycle 418 adult 440 adult
479 1st cycle 501 3rd cycle 643 adult 651 adult 653 2nd cycle
672 adult 705 1st cycle 710 adult 745 1st cycle 768 1st cycle
784 2nd cycle 786 adult 792 adult 837 adult  
1041 2nd cycle 1073 adult 1081 adult 1090 adult 1095 adult
ORANGE TAG adult ORANGE TAG 2nd cycle      
A 480 adult A 485 adult A 487 adult    
330 adult A21 adult A74 adult A89 adult C69 adult
C96 adult C99 1st cycle ?07 adult    
BLUE TAG adult BLUE TAG adult      
0604-99926 adult 0724-27155 12th cycle 0744-47791 adult 0794-25935 adult 0834-19990 1st cycle
0894-xxxxx 2nd cycle 0974-05378 7th cycle 0974-05430 adult 0974-25818 adult 0994-04223 adult
0994-39217 adult 0994-67644 adult 1044-01675 2nd cycle xxxx-xxx62 adult xxxx-46485 adult
Fed band adult Fed band adult Fed band adult Fed band adult Fed band adult
Fed band adult Fed band adult      

Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoir Wing-tag Codes
Contact Information: Please contact Ken MacKenzie at (508-792-7423 x313) or Dan Clark at (508-792-7423 x215) with wing-tag information.