lusitanius Yellow-legged Gull

(last update: 10-12-2013)

Gabriel Martín
Antonio Gutierrez
Rui Caratão
Mars Muusse

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Yellow-legged Gull lusitanius ZM6C December 09 2008 & August 27 2010, Galicia, Spain. Pictures: Gabriel Martín.

An old friend: 6cy in 2008 and 8cy in 2010. This bird has many recoveries, always close to the ringing islets near the Galician coast. Green ZM6C was ringed as pullus on 17 July 2003, colony of Illote A Baixa, Os Farallóns, Cervo, Lugo (43º43'N 7º26'W). Unfortunately, the Galician ringing activities are now limited, with only a few sub-adults and immatures ringed nowadays. Breeding birds from Basque and the Asturian region are ringed more often.

below: lusitanius ZM6C December 09 2008, Galicia, Spain.

below: lusitanius ZM6C August 27 2010, Galicia, Spain.

In active complete moult. P6 fully grown, P9-P10 still old. All central greater coverts are missing, exposing the secondaries underneath.